Bits and Pieces About Being in the Garden

Hi-hi! I hope you are having a pleasant week, one where nothing too exciting happens but nothing bad happens either. A nice week in which you are allowed to cruise along and enjoy your surrounds.

I try to fit in a bit of garden time each week or fortnight. Sometimes it is minimal (tidying up the plants on the balcony) and sometimes I’m outside helping others in the garden for a full day… rake or shovel in hand. These are good days. Particularly in winter when there is a chill in the air, some days it is windy, some days you have to go inside until the showers pass. On all days the air is crisp and clear and the birds are chirping loudly.

A few weeks ago I was raking an expanse of mostly wet and compacted leaves. After picking up one pile I turned around to find this little fellow enjoying the fruits of my labour (read: bugs that I had disturbed while raking). He was so close and not scared at all, so cheeky!  Once he had finished snacking he waited on a very low branch for me to clear a few more piles.

Kookaburra on ground and in tree.
Mmmm bugs. Hey little kookaburra!
Weeping Blue Spruce
Weeping Blue Spruce (I think!).

Here is a photo of one of my favourite plants. Pretty sure it is a weeping blue spruce, but I’m happy for the gardeners out there to set me right! I love the green and blue/grey needles, unfortunately the photo doesn’t do justice to either the green or blue, but looking at it still makes me happy. Every time I walk past I say hi to the tree and ask how it is doing. Do you talk to your plants? You should, it makes them happy*. Actually I talk to quite a few plants. Plants have feelings too! And they give back! Have a look at what a big old pine tree left on the ground for me, and the oranges that will be used in a delicious orange loaf. (*I have no data to back up this claim).

Orange tree and cluster of pine cones
Orange tree and pine cone cluster.

I am very conscious about how extremely lucky I am to have access to such a nice garden, and that not everyone does. But whether you live in a teeny apartment or have a house and land, there is something you can grow that is just right for your surroundings. And if growing isn’t your thing, that’s cool! Maybe grab a cheery bunch of flowers every now and then, just to bring the outside in? And if you know someone who can’t grow flowers or plants, maybe cut something from your garden or purchase a little bunch for them (if you can).

And here are a few more pretty pictures, because pretty pictures make the internet world go around! I think the first image is of some kind of heather. It started growing one day and has gone crazy! Ditto for the native violets, they love the cold weather, and they are appearing all over one section of the garden, including in pots that they were never planted in (thank you birds!). The two bright pink and red flowering plants are rhododendrons and camellias, so pretty! And finally the daffodils and erlicheer, these bulbs just keep going! Every year they pop up and fill the garden with happiness.

1. White bells - possibly a heather plant? 2. Pink rhododendron. 3. Purple native violets. 4. Stunning pinky-red camellia. 4. Tree fern. 5. Jonquil erlicheer.
1. White bells – possibly a type of heather? 2. Pink rhododendron. 3. Purple native violets. 4. Stunning pinky-red camellia. 4. Tree fern. 5. Jonquil erlicheer.

Do you have a favourite plant? I love violets! And I adore the flowering quinces with their crimson blossoms. I hope there is a pretty garden, or trees, or pot plant, near you that you can enjoy too!



4 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces About Being in the Garden

  1. I love your photos Deanna, especially the pine cone cluster. Seeing so many beautiful camellias and magnolias on my walks around the streets at the moment. And I love the scent of daphne too!


    1. Thank you Carolyn! I love daphne too! I have a tiny one on the balcony but it isn’t doing very well, the leaves are a bit splotchy and not at all dark and shiny like they should be. It definitely won’t be flowering any time soon 😦 The jasmine is flowering though, which I’m super excited about!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely colourful photos Deanna. I must admit I’m not a gardener, but I do appreciate things growing and other peoples gardens ( oh and I Love Daphne too , it’s one of my faves!).


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