Hi Everyone, I’m Deanna and I’m a…



As I write this I’m not sure if I’m joking or not. That’s the permanent state of the Gorman-lover, or Gormanite. We’re a crazy breed of ladies who will call every store in Australia AND New Zealand , eat only cup noodles for one month, stalk eBay, and go to other great lengths to get our hands on our Gorman pretties. Sometimes tears are shed, that’s what true love is like.

I recently found a Gorman Buy and Sell group and sadly it has added fuel to the Gorman fire that burns in my otherwise ice cold heart (joking! I also love tea, and Lego, and comfy blankies). What I have also found is a group of ladies that share a love for something that I love, something that no one else I know loves as much as I do. I have found my people. My Gorman people (cue online group hug).  The camaraderie is great, Gorman-girls helping other Gorman-girls to fulfil their dreams of owning complete Grocery Boy outfits, long out-of-stock and lusted after rain coats, and ridiculously cool dresses.

It is so darn great that you can find your clan(s) online now (no, not the clan game. Although the “Larry” advertisement should win an award).  I imagine that growing up, particularly in high-school, would have been a lot easier if I’d known that there was a group of folks out there who were into the same crazy things I was. A group where I could comfortably discuss my love of Indiana Jones, black and white movies, the X Files, sequin dresses, as well as endlessly quote The Simpsons, without my friends going ‘here we go again, smile and nod as she rambles’. I know that growing up in the age of social media has its downsides (thank the universe that Facebook wasn’t around when I was in high school) but I hope for most kids the good outweighs the bad. Like all things, approaching it with moderation and an understanding of when to walk away and when to run is the key.

Which brings me back to Gorman. Moderation and Gorman are two words that can’t exist in my brain at the same time. Just like you can know a particle’s momentum or precise position, my brain can know moderation or Gorman, but not both.  I’m working on it though, one day at a time. What’s your dirty little secret obsession? Or not so dirty and not so secret obsession? Keep it clean! I also have a nail polish and makeup problem, but that’s a post for another day. Here are a few Gorman pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Gorman Dresses
Gorman outfits, AW15 and AW14. Images © 2015 Gorman online.

To end this post I would like to announce that I am going to do Buy-Nothing-New September. Well, yes it is meant to be BNN October, but I am starting early. This may not sound very difficult for you, but with new limited edition nail polish releases, new and old Gorman online and in store, and the endless possibilities offered by new craft supplies, trust me…. it is difficult for me! So, now I have declared it publicly I will do my darndest to stick to it. FOMO will not win this month! *shakes fist at FOMO*



Disclaimer: I wrote this post because I wanted to! Gorman does not endorse anything I have said.


10 thoughts on “Hi Everyone, I’m Deanna and I’m a…

  1. This is cute Deanna! I love Gorman too, and have quite a few items in my wardrobe. I have to be careful, though, being of quite petite frame – sometimes the clothing can overwhelm me. And then I can only sigh! Actually, I just remembered I had in a Gorman jumper at our first catch up!


    1. Thanks Carolyn! Yes some Gorman items are quite bold! I’m getting used to wearing prints, they weren’t my thing but now I’m loving them. Particularly the middle two prints in the image above, I have both of them (shhh!). How good are Gorman jumpers! I’ve been wearing mine almost every day during winter 🙂

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  2. OMG I get you!! the prints are to die for and when it’s a love that strong it’s hard to control it. I feel the same way about jewellery… sometimes I think I need intervention… but then i justify it by telling myself that it feeds my soul and life’s too short… oh and I want to see your gorman collection!


    1. Ah yes, jewellery is a bit of a problem for me too 🙂 And with jewellery it is easier to hide because usually the pieces are really small. Unless you’re into statement necklaces and bracelets, definitely harder to hoard! My bank balance is calling for an intervention though 😉
      Haha, well I have the fern kimono, blue coat, moth dress, and gold skirt in the above images. I’m not sure I want to take a photo of my collection, it just makes the “problem” more real!


  3. It’s been a while since I’ve purchased new frocks but my weakness is vintage clothes, which usually need altering. They aren’t seen in public for ages and on special occasions because they are so delicate.


    1. I love vintage frocks too Vicki! I’ve managed to find ones that fit pretty well so I’ve been lucky. Although I agree, they usually don’t get to see daylight (or starlight) much because they are so delicate or for special events.


    1. Haha, no don’t try again! Save your money and your time :P. Yes, some styles just don’t suit me and some are more forigiving, I’m a sucker for their spot prints, even though they are everywhere now.


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