Dead Air and New Projects


It has been a while since I posted (a month maybe?). I’ve been writing but the posts are idling in draft until I finish or fix them, which is fine. Blogging for me is an experiment, about learning new skills, and for connecting with the lovely people who take the time to read my ramblings (thanks!).  This lack of word-time has been due to a combination of being busy with new projects and wanting to write something well researched and factual, rather than the rambliness of the last two posts. I really wanted to write about Palmyra and why we should care about its destruction. I started to research and write about it but I couldn’t do it justice in the time frame I had allocated, but I’m hoping I can get back to it soon. To be honest I was also a little concerned about attracting the wrong kind of attention, but that is the wrong reason to not write about an important topic.

I’ve been wanting to write about my tiny efforts to be sustainable, the hurdles I encounter and how difficult it can be to change your habits. Maybe I will do that, but until then check out Treading My Own Path for excellent non-judgy sustainability and zero-waste advice and information.

I’ve also been wanting to write about achievements in space exploration in 2015. Just a list of sorts to highlight how exciting things are being done by humans on and off the planet. Sometimes it helps to remember that we are so teeny and unimportant relative to the Universe and that the dumb things that happened to you today won’t matter in 10,000 years. Just don’t think about it too much, it can get a little depressing! To see snippets of exciting space-related news check out the Planetary Society’s twitter feed.

Etsy Made Local Melbourne Market advertisement.
Etsy Made Local Melbourne Market

Now onto the new projects I mentioned earlier. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I joined the team of volunteers who are organising the Etsy Made Local Melbourne Market. On November 28 Etsy markets will be held simultaneously across Australia (see here for more info) and feature only local Etsy sellers. Last year the Melbourne market was held in the evening at the Rose St Market in Fitzroy, and it was a great success! This year we wanted to hold the market in the day so the hunt for a venue began. After many emails and searches we settled on Rupert on Rupert and Allpress in Collingwood. We are super excited to be partnering with these venues and you can find out more about the event on our official website. By volunteering to help I thought I might be required for set up on the day, maybe help a bit with logistics or contacts or printing, but nothing too major. It turns out I was quite wrong, which is totally great! I’ve found myself working with an unexpectedly amazing group who have thrown themselves into the task of planning, organising, and running the event with such gusto and enthusiasm it is infectious. Everyone has brought their own skills, experience and talents specific to their background, but are also willing to take on new roles and learn new skills to make sure all the work gets done and the event is as successful as possible. How brilliant is that! I’ve been very lucky to connect with such great people, and it shows that stepping out of your comfort zone every now and then is good for the soul and will take you along paths you never expected. We are always told this, but words are words and advice is only advice until you do something that makes it real and tangible for you.

Melbourne CBD Brown Owls. Crochet and paper pearls.
Melbourne CBD Brown Owls

Another fun side project, and also on the topic of stepping out of your comfort zone, is organising Melbourne CBD Brown Owls meet-ups. Brown Owls is a crafty group started by Pip Lincolne and Kirsty Macafee. You can read about it’s beginnings here and more about Brown Owls here. If you want to join up you can find your closest chapter here or here. (Phew, that’s a lot of links!). The idea of taking over from the lovely former leader Lee tumbled about in my head for several months before I finally sent the email. I wish I was one of those people that walks into a room of mostly strangers and gets excited by the idea of meeting new people and all the exciting conversations and connections that will ensue, but I’m not. Talking to strangers is a bit terrifying, but something I need to practice, and Brown Owls seemed like a nice way to step out of my comfy cave, take a deep breath and hope that I don’t say anything too stupid. Of course nothing bad has happened. Everyone was just grateful that someone was willing to take-on organising the monthly meet-ups and give them a chance to eat Madame Brussels’ famous chicken sandwiches and spend an hour or two on their chosen crafts. Every lady (only ladies have attended so far, but gents are welcome too) that has attended has been a delight. Conversation topics are varied, and everyone is happy to share their skills, knowledge and supplies with other Owls. I couldn’t have asked for more! There is no pressure to chat if you don’t wish to, and you stay as long as you like. If Brown Owls sounds like something you might be interested in definitely check out the various websites, there is no requirement to come every month, no pressure to talk, no pressure even bring a craft! It’s just nice.

Etsy Make For Good Silver Earrings
Etsy #makeforgood sterling silver earrings from Miss Bitsandpieces.

Finally, if you have a few minutes and particularly if you need a gift for someone check out Etsy Australia’s #makeforgood page here. In Ety’s own words… Etsy’s Australian community of makers, designers and curators have got together to #makeforgood and create a silver lining for girls living in poverty. At least 20% of the value of each item featured in the #makeforgood collection will be donated to Because I Am A Girl, a Plan International initiative. The money raised will provide grants to 150 Cambodian women to start their own micro businesses. So get shopping to support Australian and Cambodian small business!

I hope you are having a lovely day! Speak soon,



4 thoughts on “Dead Air and New Projects

  1. I have the market marked in my diary to pop along to, Deanna! I am sure I will see your smiling face there! What a varied person you are! Space, sustainability craft! An inspiring II buddy!


    1. Yay! Looking forward to seeing you there Carolyn! It is going to be so good! Haha, yeh I have a problem with focus because I’m drawn to 400 things at once. It makes picking a career hard! Loving your recipes by the way, the cookies looked yuuuuuuummmmm! I want to make them 😀

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